On Labour Day, many remember the pivotal role that trade unions have played in raising living standards for everyone, such as instituting the 40 hour work week, maternity leave and minimum wage.

But today’s trade unions have a big fight ahead of them with deep cuts to unionized public sector jobs, calls among several provincial parties for U.S.-styled “right to work” legislation, and an upcoming parliamentary deliberation on a Conservative  private member’s bill that would force unions to reveal unprecedented financial information – handing employers intelligence that could be used against their employees’ unions.

Public Response celebrated Labour Day this year by commissioning a poll examing how Canadians perceive labour unions today.

Did you know that the majority of Canadians nationwide agree that unions to a good job protecting their members’ jobs (61%)?

Or that 53% of young Canadians under the age of 30 say they would join a union if given the opportunity?