Goal: Engage ordinary Canadians in grassroots efforts to change public policy

Ceasefire.ca, a project of the Rideau Institute focused on peace advocacy, communicates on a regular basis with its 20,000 online supporters on issues such as the war in Afghanistan, the abolition of nuclear weapons, the purchase of the F-35 stealth fighter jets, and military spending by the government. Ceasefire.ca was founded in 2003 to prevent Canada from joining the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense program, with the goal of providing a Web-based tool for citizen action on government policies. As online technologies continued to advance, Ceasefire.ca needed a new way to reach out to Canadians and help them influence policy in Ottawa.

Today, Ceasefire.ca traverses the digital world into the real world, supporting activists working in their communities. It has launched campaigns to push for peace policies in Parliament through on-the-Hill lobbying, on-line activism, on-air media work, and on-the-ground organizing.

– Ceasefire.ca

Our team developed the technological infrastructure necessary to distribute online petitions to every single Member of Parliament and Senator in Ottawa. These petitions can be shared across various social media sites and Web outlets. They can easily be changed depending on the policy issue at hand, so that they are most effective – petitions can be sent to only the petition signers’ local MP, along with the relevant political leaders, such as party leaders, Cabinet Ministers, and the Prime Minister.

Results: Two recent campaigns (Louder than the Bomb and Be Heard on March 3rd) have seen over 5000 letters sent to decision makers.

Members of Ceasefire.ca are engaged and connected to political and policy issues in Ottawa, no matter where they live.

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