Goal: Renew an organization’s brand and enhance its influence

The Canadian Pugwash Group (CPG), a disarmament organization composed of scientists and experts, wanted to increase its media profile on its 50th anniversary and make an impact on Canada’s nuclear weapons policy. CPG is the Canadian national affiliate of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, an international organization that was awarded the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize together along with its founder, Sir Joseph Rotblat. Having spent many years providing scholarly insights into the prevention and resolution of armed conflict, including nuclear abolition and disarmament, CPG wanted to mark its 50th anniversary with both celebration and political action.

I have to bring to your notice a terrifying reality: with the development of nuclear weapons, Man has acquired, for the first time in history, the technical means to destroy the whole of civilization in a single act.”

– Sir Joseph Rotblat

First, our team designed an update for the CPG logo and generated a new policy brief to be presented at the 50th anniversary celebration. We then worked with the group’s roster of experts to organize a well-attended press conference on Parliament Hill and a high-level networking luncheon in Ottawa. Both the political and the media aspects drew significant attention, most notably when the House of Commons passed a unanimous motion marking the anniversary.

Results: An organization representative appeared in a 7-minute national television interview discussing both the importance of the anniversary and the need to continue to advocate for nuclear disarmament.

The group was featured in a Toronto Star editorial and quoted in many newspapers, including the Globe and Mail and the Ottawa Citizen. Press coverage reached an audience of over 6 million people, with an ad value of $158,000.