Goal: Find supporters among the MPs and Senators of Ottawa

The Canadian Consumer Initiative (CCI), a coalition of consumer organizations, wanted to come together in order to develop common policy positions and communicate them to Members of Parliament and government departments. While each of the organizations had engaged in some degree of work with parliamentarians, CCI approached our team to help them develop strong and unified positions on some of the hot-button consumer issues of the day, along with a practical and effective outreach campaign to reach decision makers.

The Canadian Consumer Initiative is a coalition of four major consumer organizations: the Consumers Council of Canada, Option consommateurs, the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, and Union des consommateurs. CCI provides advice and assistance to enable the federal government to safeguard consumer interests.

– Canadian Consumer Initiative

Our team brought the organizations together and guided them through the process of policy development. Together, we produced a high-quality briefing note on each of the issues, written especially for decision makers. After identifying the key decision makers for each policy issue CCI wanted to discuss, we organized an initial “lobby day” in Ottawa, where coalition members met with 17 MPs, representing all of the national political parties.

Results: During meetings with government MPs, CCI found a great deal of interest and support – much more than was expected – for one of their main proposals.

CCI continues to work with our team to hold yearly lobby days on Parliament Hill, and has become a notable source of expertise on consumer issues nationwide.