Goal: Convince decision makers to protect a national institution

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting (Friends), a non-partisan organization that works to defend and enhance the quality and quantity of Canadian programming, was concerned that significant budget cuts were on the way for the CBC. Although the government of the day had given assurances during the previous election that funding for the national public broadcaster would be maintained or increased, media reports began surfacing that indicated budget cuts of over $160 million were inevitable.

A cut of this magnitude would have devastating consequences, further dumbing down CBC News, cancelling plans for new regional services and even forcing the CBC to close stations.

–Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Under attack from a well-funded opposition, Friends asked our team to assist them in organizing a “Stop the CBC Smackdown” campaign launch for MPs, senators, and their staff. It required a rapid response, but our team delivered a highly successful event attended by a number of MPs. The star of the campaign launch was a fictional character featured in the group’s satirical new ad campaign, suggesting that the CBC was in danger of being bought by a U.S. wrestling entertainment figure. The launch coincided with a social media strategy, including a tongue-in-cheek Twitter account for the star of the campaign and a widely distributed online petition.

Results:  The launch and campaign were reported on by national media sources, and created significant buzz in Ottawa.

Over 30,000 Canadians sent online petitions to their MPs and the government.

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