Goal: to work with rabble.ca to develop compelling and engaging fundraising strategies that build rabble.ca’s contact lists and raise funds for independent media.

Rabble.ca is built on the efforts of progressive journalists and activists across the country, and provides news from a perspective that is increasingly hard to find in mainstream media. As a not for profit organization, rabble.ca depends on the generosity and support of it’s readers to continue providing honest journalism, and launches regular fundraising drives to raise funds and attract new audiences.

Rabble.ca asked us to help develop fundraising strategies that not only engage rabble readers on important themes, but also inform new readers about current issues. Over the past year, we organized three successful fundraising campaigns on issues with the Elections Act of 2014, the untrustworthiness of some mainstream media reporters due to the conflict of interest posed by their connections to the oil industry, and rabble.ca’s 2015 Election strategy. We launched an online poll to ask the rabble.ca community who they would vote for if an election were held tomorrow, an online petition, sent campaign letters and regular update emails.

Results: Public Response helped rabble.ca raise almost $100,000 over three campaigns, helped build rabble.ca’s contact lists, and engaged old and new rabble readers on important, current issues.