Goal: Engage two national memberships in the New Union Project

Against the backdrop of increased attacks on the labour movement by corporations and right-wing governments, two of Canada’s largest national unions came together in January 2012 to explore the creation of a new union.

Having committed to a consultation process that would have an unprecedented level of transparency, both the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers (CEP) unions needed to ensure that they could regularly report to their members in an open and neutral manner. Having previously worked on projects for both unions, our team at Public Response was a trusted choice for a neutral, third-party creator of the web presence for the New Union Project.

Its creation will be the result of a process of discussion and debate not previously seen in recent labour history. As such, it has the potential to initiate news discussion about how the labour movement can meet the challenges presented by the anti-labour offensive currently being waged by capital.

Geoff Bickerton, Canadian Dimension


Our team worked with both CAW and CEP to create newunionproject.ca and projetnouveausyndicat.ca – two bilingual websites that allowed both unions to communicate directly with their members and the public in a timely manner. We took great care in ensuring that the websites were both impartial and balanced, so that the eventual voting process would not be unduly influenced in any way.

The websites featured frequent news updates, information on the Proposal Committee, an outline of the process that would be followed, as well as a significant resources section with Frequently Asked Questions and important videos. Members could sign up to receive updates by email or simply visit the News section to find out the latest information about the project. Our team also helped to webcast the New Union Project announcement to the public from Quebec in October 2012.

Results:  The New Union Project received a resounding vote of support from the memberships of both the CAW and the CEP.

An exciting transformation in the progressive Canadian labour landscape is now underway