Goal: Conduct a strategic inquiry to help Canada’s branch of the only global association of conference interpreters understand their loss of market share within the federal government and propose a series of recommendations.

AIIC Canada was looking for a firm with proven research experience and strong connections with the federal government to assist it in uncovering changes in the federal government’s procurement process that have led to a decline in contracts for its freelance members.

Our team was eager to assist and began an extensive review of existing literature regarding conference interpretation in Canada and around the world – sifting through legislation, policy and strategy documents, market studies and relevant correspondence.

Next we conducted 19 in-depth interviews with key players in the industry, including AIIC Canada member interpreters, employees of the federal government’s Translation Bureau, private sector service providers, as well as departments and agencies that contract freelance conference interpretation services.

Our key findings were compiled into a final report, and a series of recommendations were developed to assist AIIC Canada in providing its members with the necessary tools and information to help them influence and adapt to the changing market.

Highlights from the report were presented to AIIC Canada’s membership at its fall regional meeting and a member of our team served as resource person for the association’s working session on the recommendations.


A comprehensive 16-page report was prepared providing insights into the conference interpretation industry in Canada, as well as a series of actionable recommendations for AIIC Canada and its members.
Many of the report’s concrete recommendations were voted on and added to the association’s work plan at its fall regional meeting.