Goal: Better engage members during a biannual national convention using live-streaming technology

In advance of their convention, the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) decided that they needed to expand their communications reach beyond the convention centre walls. The convention was their most important political event of the year, but their members were spread out across the country. CEP needed to ensure that everyone who wanted to take part in the conference could do so, even if they were not able to travel to the convention itself.

For the first time, members at home can take part in next week’s convention thanks to a dedicated website that will livestream key speakers, carry print and broadcast news, photos, videos and more.

– CEPlive.ca

Our team worked closely with CEP to consolidate the union’s existing communications products – a daily video, printed newsletter, and press releases – into a new online website, CEPLive.ca. At very low additional cost, existing communications tools were used to reach a much larger audience than at previous conventions. The new website featured live webcasting of major speakers, video-on-demand, a daily photo gallery, news, and announcements. CEP went on to win the “Best CyberUnion” award from the Canadian Association of Labour Media, which recognizes excellence in union publications and productions, for the CEPLive.ca website.

Results: The daily content was promoted to thousands of CEP members and allies through email marketing.

Members from across the country were able to participate in a special interactive workshop that helped plan the union’s major campaign to protect pensions.