Goal: To launch a massive social media campaign as part of the Ontario Federation of Labour’s campaign to stop Tim Hudak from winning the June 2014 Ontario election.

When the Ontario election was called last spring, the OFL sprang into action. They had been preparing for an election for months through town hall meetings across Ontario to educate and organize the labour leaders and activists. So when the election campaign began the OFL mounted an unprecedented mobilizing and communications campaign to prevent Conservative Leader Tim Hudak from winning.

They knew that success or failure depended upon how well the OFL could mobilize local leadership and labour activists on the ground. Without their support and active involvement, the campaign would not succeed. They asked us to take on a very important aspect of campaign mobilization: a massive social media and traditional media campaign to engage and inform.

We developed a strategy to promote the hashtag #StopHudak, and soon enough is was trending regularly across Ontario.

• 1,094 traditional media mentions
• 47,934,700 cumulative circulation
• $1,820,522 equivalent advertising value
• 38 letters to the editor and 6 op-eds submitted
• 21 daily email updates
• 136,385 emails delivered
• 1,664 Twitter tweets
• 788 Facebook posts
• 629,774 people reached on Facebook
Tim Hudak did not get elected and “It was the OFL’s moment; a huge victory for the labour movement,” said John Cartwright, President of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council.