Sun Media Corporation is asking the CRTC to force cable providers such as Rogers and Bell to carry Sun TV, and then to force you to pay for it through your monthly subscription bill. If the CRTC agrees, then Sun Media Corporation will pocket enough to continue broadcasting its right wing, pro-Conservative propaganda 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visit the CRTC website to oppose the application (2012-0687-1 Sun News General Partnership). Deadline is February 27, 2013!

Start here:

Click this link to go to the CRTC website:

Follow the steps.
Enter the following and click on “Next.”

  • Choose “I agree”.
  • Choose “Option 1”.
  • Choose “2012-0687-1: Sun News General Partnership”.
  • Choose “My Comments are in Opposition”.

Enter the comment:
(cut and paste, or edit the following)

I do not request to appear at the public hearing.
I oppose Sun News Media’s application for mandatory distribution on analog and digital basic service in Canada (Reference #2012-0687-1). Sun TV is explicitly biased and provides unbalanced coverage of issues. Canadians should not be forced to pay for this channel.


  • Choose “Do not want to appear”.
  • Choose “I agree”.
  • Choose “No” (you are not a designated representative).
  • Enter your contact information.
  • Select “I will be sending a copy of my comments to the applicant and to any other person that the Commission has directed. I agree to provide proof to the Commission upon request”.
  • Click on Submit!


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Don't force me to pay for Sun TV